The security level of your data depends on these four key features that when combined provides the most efficient way of ensuring that your organization remains safe from today’s risks.

Unmaintained, the security level of all security products will diminish over time.

Configuration tracking, log and traffic analysis, monitoring and product updated will help you maintain a high level of security within your infrastructure.

Product Configuration

Many organizations are dynamic in a way that requires constant changes to product configuration in order to allow proper business operations.

Both automated and manual configuration tracking and auditing is provided in order to make sure that the products supported are both operating optimally and are not exposing your organization to risks.

Log and Traffic Analysis

Most organizations lack the resources to track and analyze the vast number of logs generated by the security infrastructure.

These logs contain useful information that can help minimize interruption of normal business operations. By analyzing the logs we can provide the following information:

  • Understanding the risks either from un-trusted sources or from within the organization while examining unauthorized access attempts.
  • Legitimate application and access attempts that are blocked by your security infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure sizing changes requirements can be predicted based of type and amount of traffic generated in the network
  • Abused services and abusing users can be surfaced and limited


The higher the uptime of your systems that more business you can conduct.

Monitoring services both internal to the organization and external help not only alert when mission critical systems are down but also predict if end when systems stability may be compromised.

Monitoring the different levels of your infrastructure (network, application etc.) will help minimize your downtime and maintain a high SLA within your organization.

Product Updates

With each not hot fix, service pack and version new features are provided to ensure that you maximize your security and extend your capability.

Making sure that all your products are up-to-date will allow your organization to maintain the high level of security and upgrade the provided services to your customers both internal and external.

With today’s fast time-to-market aspiration of many vendors, we make sure that all products updates and upgrades are initially tested within our labs and we verify over time the necessity of the updates and their stability.

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